Beam Central Vacuum Model 3500c

Homeowners who install a central vacuum system in their homes are well aware of the strong suction they get from the unit, and the resulting cleanliness throughout the home. If you want to maximize the suction though, you should consider the beam central vacuum model 3500c. This central vacuum unit uses a dual motor system rather than the single motors that are most common. These dual commercial grade motors double the suction power you would get from a similar single central vacuum motor. Designed for homes up to 15,000 sq.ft., this unit could be installed in homes ranging anywhere from 3500-15,000 sq. ft. total. Some central vacuum experts state that this may be “overkill” and it is way too much suction needed to properly clean the home. In our opinion, and in the opinion of most homeowners, the more suction you can get from a central vacuum the better cleaning you will get. Would  you really purchase a substandard model knowing you could get the best for only a moderate increase in the price?

Beam Central Vacuum Model 3500c

The beam central vacuum model 3500c features an all steel outer body with a corrosion resistant paint and seal. This is important when you consider that most central vacuum systems are made to last 20-30 years in someone’s home. The last thing you want is a cheap plastic outer body. Other pro’s of this unit include the venting option. Since it is a filtered unit you do not need to worry about having it vented outside. This will save you the time and money it takes to do this.

The outer utility valve located on the front of the beam 3500c central vacuum also gives you a convenient place to plug a hose in. If you mount the unit in the garage or basement, this makes it simple to tidy up and make sure dust and dirt don’t overtake these areas.

Other notable accessories:

–          Antimicrobial bucket: The antimicrobial bucket kills germs and microbes that may settle in dust container. This reduces the chances of microbes exiting the container when you go to empty it.

–          Self Cleaning Filter: The gore-tex filter material is self cleaning, eliminating the need to open up the dust chamber to clean the actual lifetime filter.

–          Antivibration Mounting System: This system eliminates any noisy vibration that may come from running the central vacuum. This makes for a quieter, more comfortable cleaning expierence.

Overall the beam 3500c is for the homeowner who really wants to maximize suction power in their household. The unit is made from very high quality central vacuum parts, and features a 10 year warranty on the electrical components and lifetime warranty on everything else.

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Thanks for reading and happy cleaning,

– The Central Vac Guys

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