Beam Central Vacuum Model 375c

There are bestsellers in every brand you encounter, from autos to sillybandz. The central vacuum industry is no different and has a few different models that were very popular with installers. These models were usually the most reliable and had the best rated central vacuum motor and internal components. The beam central vacuum model 375c was one of these very popular models, and still is to this day. The 375c is rated up to 7000 sq. ft., but as a rule of thumb in the central vac industry you should take your square footage and double it to find the correct model for your home. For this reason we would only recommend this unit for homes up to 3500 sq. ft. If you do install this unit in a home around that size then it will have plenty of suction. The beam 375c has a very good reputation with both dealers and installers with being a reliable central vac unit capable of cleaning even the dirtiest of homes.

The beam 375c central vacuum has an all steel outer body, unlike some nutone and eureka units which tend to be plastic. This metal outer body is corrosion resistant and prolongs the life of the central vacuum system. Other features included on the beam 375c include left or right inlets for the central vacuum trunk line, a main utility valve on the front, & a sound dampening muffler system. The inlets on the side make it easier on the installer and make it a lot more versatile to mount. The main utility valve on the front of the machine essentially gives the homeowner an extra central vac inlet valve for free. Most homeowners utilize this valve by mounting the unit in the garage, basement, or other places that tend to not have carpet. The sound dampening muffler on the system makes having a system a lot more bearable in terms of noise.

Overall the beam 375c is one of the best central vacuum systems on the market today. With the average home not exceeding 3500 sq. ft., this unit has enough suction to cover the 75% of homes that are built. Its strong motor, quality internal components, and 10 year electrical warranty make it one of the best bargains around.

P.S. If you really want to maximize the suction and usefulness of your central vacuum, pair the beam 375c with a Beam Q Powerteam attachment set. These attachment sets were designed by beam-electrolux and provide the latest advancement in central vacuum cleaning.

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Thanks for reading & happy cleaning!

The Central Vac Guys

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