Beam Central Vacuum Parts

So then it happened, you were cleaning your home with your beam central vacuum when the power head started to make a burning smell. At first you were a little concerned, then the smoke started coming from the side of the power head! Before you knew it the motor was burnt out and you had nothing to clean your carpets with. This can happen to a lot of homeowners, especially if there central vacuum kit is old or outdated. Just as with any appliance, central vacuum systems need proper maintenance and need to be taken care of or else they will break. Luckily for you, you can find the beam central vacuum parts online to help repair your central vacuum.

Central Vacuum Direct carries a wide range of beam central vacuum parts. We try to carry everything in stock in order to serve the customer better, but unfortunately this is nearly impossible. If your looking for some beam parts though, we came up with a list of the most common ones that tend to break.

Beam hose handle – The handle on the hose is a notorious beam central vacuum part that tends to break due to wear and tear over time. Beam has comes out with several different types of hose handles, most notable the beam total control handle and the dolphin style handle. The problems with these include fracturing the plastic due to wear a tear, or short circuiting the inner switch assembly. Both can be replaced as either a set or individual items.

Beam PC Board – The beam pc board is what controls the suction of the central vacuum and makes it turn on and off. This PC board can sometimes be shocked due to a surge in electricity, or may short circuit due to a buildup of dust in the motor compartment. This beam central vacuum part can be replaced easily by opening up the central vacuum through the top access point.

Beam Swivel Power Head Neck – The neck on the beam q powerteam kit seems to have some problems and has been a common beam central vacuum part that is being replaced. These parts tend to break due to wear and tear. This is expected as it is the main pivot point as you move the powerhead over the carpet to clean it.

These are the most common parts that break on beam central vacuum systems according to our service department. The breakage is usually just due to normal wear on the vacuum system, but can also be due to low maintenance or manufacturers defect.

If you have any questions regarding beam central vacuum parts or are looking for replacement parts, feel free to browse large selection of central vacuum equipment online!

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

–          The Central Vac Guys

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