Beam RV Vacuums – Should you get one?

These days’ people are on the road and starting to take more vacations. The realizations of the recession are starting to subside, and people are looking to explore the united states and its beautiful parks. One way of doing this is using an RV. You can drive to all the state parks and recreation areas to camp out and relax with the family. The question is though, how do you keep that RV clean? They have come up with a great solution to this problem. They now offer a beam central vacuum particularly for your recreation vehicle. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit. They have been shrunken down to a size makes them easy to install in any small closet.

Beam RV Central Vacuum System

This beam unit comes with all the central vacuum accessories you will need to clean your RV like any professional cleaning service might. You can order an electric power head kit to go along with the system, making the carpet within the RV easy to clean. The dusting brush and upholstery brush tools that come along with the kit are perfect for getting in all those tight spaces you will find. These systems can also use a central vacuum bag, so you need not worry about getting dust all over when emptying the dust bin. You can order a wide variety of hoses, though the one in most kits is 30 ft. long. This is able to reach anywhere in even the largest of rv’s.

If you are searching for any easy way to clean your RV and are considering a central vacuum system you can contact us via our toll free number on our website or you can search for yourself throughout our large selection of specialty central vacuum systems. These different systems were designed for non residential use on yachts, rv’s, in salons, warehouses, and other arrangements. Make your life easier and look into a central vacuum for your rv today!

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!
-The Central Vac Guys

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1 Response to Beam RV Vacuums – Should you get one?

  1. Danny Johms says:

    Hello, I have 2007 new horizons fifth wheel model # 38RK5SS, I need parts for the central vacuum, please call me on my cell 702 210-7725 like to purchase ASAP, I am a RV dealer
    in Las Vegas, I am always looking for Central vacuum parts. Thanks Danny Johns

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