Central Vac Filtration – What it means for your health

When considering the impacts of central vacuum systems on your health, you have to look deep at the filtration technology. It has been proven that central vacuums improve the indoor air quality and reduce allergens, but you still may be stuck asking which specific systems do the best job. To answer this question the central vac guys at cenralvacuumdirect.com started testing the different systems within our showroom. We used a $1200 particle scanner, capable of measuring the particles that come out of a vacuum exhaust up to .3 microns in size (smaller than a spec of dust). The results were startling but were consistent with the findings from before.

The leading contenders for advanced filtration were the canavac and beam central vacuum units. The amount of dust particles that were coming out of the exhaust of these power units was minimal compared to other types and brands. Both units were measured using the same central vacuum hose, which was being used on a 10×10 ft. patch of carpet in our showroom. To maximize the amount of dust and dirt within the carpet, we neglected to clean this particular spot for a week (which is very hard for us!).

Overall, a central vacuum system leads to a much cleaner home than any portable vacuum cleaner could achieve. The suction created from the commercial sized motor, paired with the quality power head leads to deep cleaning of your carpet, rugs, and other surfaces. The central vacuum accessories that come with central vacs give you the ability to clean every type of surface without missing a spot.

The most important part you do want to consider though is the power head kit itself. There are a lot of cheap generic products available that are not up to par when it comes to cleaning. Why have such a powerful vacuum when the tool that grooms the carpet is inadequate? Going with a beam or canavac power head kit gives you powerful cleaning ability, and long lasting durability. These heads are made in north America and not outsourced to china. If you have any other questions about central vacuum filtration, give us a call! You can find our number at our website centralvacuumdirect.com


–          The Central Vac Guys

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