Beam Central Vacuum Kits – Review and Information

So you’ve found out that beam central vacuum kits are one of the best on the market, but now how do you decide upon which one to get? There are several differences between the kits. Some are better quality, some are better for pet hair, and others are basic and shouldn’t even be looked at. The type of kit you get should be based on the quality of the power head, the accessories included, the central vacuum hose, and the basic overall durability.

There are four main different beam central vacuum powerteams:

The Beam Q – The beam q is the latest and most popular powerteam from Electrolux-beam intl. This one is also the most up to date and versatile. Its power head is adjustable for different carpet heights and is able to work on berber and frisee style carpeting. Having the adjustable power head height is necessary to maximize airflow underneath it, leading to a cleaner home. The accessories are up to date, and include some major improvements. The upholstery brush is lined with an electrostatic pad that eliminates pet hair with ease. The hose on the beam q is the newest version, designed to help eliminate stress points where the electric may short out. The central vacuum hose is also crushproof. Overall, this beam central vacuum attachment kit may be the best currently on the market. It is also priced in a range that is comparable to other units, while still maintaining quality.

The Beam Solaire – The beam solaire is the runner up in terms of quality and effectiveness in cleaning your carpets and hardwoods. It is more of an updated version of the beam rugmaster, which had a long run as the most effective power head on the market before the beam Q came along. The solaire powerteam comes with all the accessories you expect: A hose rack, upholstery tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, 30-35 ft. hose, etc. This model will do a nice job of cleaning, but may not be the best for a home with several different types of carpet at different heights. It has a “floating” power head which is suppose to automatically adjust to different carpet heights, but does not do quite as good of a job. If you have pets, the beam Q is still recommended.

The Beam Rugmaster – The beam rugmaster powerteam is the longest running attachment kit made by beam, and has been around for the last 15 years. The power head is a dated version of the beam solaire, but this does not mean it does not do a great job of cleaning. One of the nice things about a beam rugmaster is its simplicity. Parts are readily available and can be switched out with minimum work. If you need to replace a belt or brush roll, you need only remove the bottom plate of the vacuum head. The central vacuum accessories that come with this kit are the similar to the others, but a little more basic. You will not get the electrostatic pad on the upholstery brush, or the deepest cleaning in carpet which is essential for pet hair. If your home does not have pets though, this may be the most economical and useful central vacuum package for your home.

The Beam Classic – The beam classic is the most basic package offered, but is not recommended. This package includes a cheaper outsourced power head that does not have a long life or a durable brush roll. This package was introduced by beam in an attempt to enter the low end market of central vacuum systems and their assorted accessories.
To summarize, the beam Q is the best beam power team package available. Its adjustable power head, accessories, and overall durability make it the most useful and best investment. If you’re looking for a more economical central vacuum accessory kit, check out the beam solaire or beam rugmaster. These kits are long lasting, and the central vacuum parts are readily available and easy to replace. Both of these kits offer a mid range cleaning ability with all the accessories you’ll need.

You can find all these beam power team kits at

Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!

–          The Central Vac Guys

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