Beam Central Vac – Basic Information and Review

When shopping for central vacuum systems, Beam is a manufacturer that comes up a lot. Known for their quality cleaning equipment, beam started out as an appliance manufacturer in the 1940’s. Central vacuum systems started to become more popular, and they began to specialize in just this. The beam vacuum system started with an all steel power unit body and is still made to that standard today. The components used to make these central vacuums are of high quality, unlike some that utilize Chinese components.

Beam Model 375c

The motor in a beam central vacuum is manufactured by ametek lamb. These motors are rated for 1000+ hours of contant use by the homeowner and usually outlast the time a person spends in a household. The central vacuum hose that comes with these systems is usually between 30-35 ft. in length. Commonly these hoses are electric and supply power to an electric power head. There have been many redesigns of the hose and beam hose handle throughout the years, leading to the current product.

They also manufacture a wide variety of units for different size homes. The units have different central vacuum motors and therefore different suction capabilities. The beam 375C is the best selling unit, as it is large enough for the average size home that consumers are installing central vacs in. other units such as the smaller 325c and the larger 3500c are perfect for smaller or extremely large homes up to 12,000 sq. ft.

The beam power team kits that can be purchased with the system range in quality and durability. You have your option of the beam rugmaster, beam solaire, or the newest beam Q power team kit. All of them come with same central vacuum hose except the beam Q. The beam rugmaster and solaire are very similar, and to the naked eye look exactly the same. The solaire power team kit is a newer design, and also tends to work better on pet hair though. The beam q power team kit is the newest and the best of the lineup. It powerful brush roll deeply agitates the carpeting, so you get more than just a surface cleaning. The power team also includes an updated line of accessories, including a dusting brush with electrostatic pads for pet hair.

You can find all of the products listed on, and if you have any questions regarding central vacuums feel free to email us.

– The Central Vac Guys

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