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We’ve all had a minor repair on an appliance in our lives, and we all know that sometimes it can be hard to find that particular piece to repair it. This can be especially true when you’re looking for central vacuum parts to repair your whole house vacuum. Traditionally you were once able to only get these parts from your local dealer. With the advent of online shopping it has proved much easier to find the parts you need to repair your central vacuum or central vacuum power head.

Though there are not a lot of parts to a central vacuum, they are all important in the function and efficiency of the system. Here is a basic list of the different central vacuum parts that could possibly be repaired, and where you can find them.

The motor is the guts of your central vacuum and provides the suction for the whole system itself. It is located within the top of the unit, easily accessible by undoing a few screws in the power unit body. The motor is usually a single or dual stage manufactured by ametek lamb. They typically last 15+ years if properly cared for. Replacing this part is rather simple and doesn’t require a lot of technical know how. You simply need to remove the plate on the central vacuum unit body, remove the motor from its base, then reattach the replacement motor in the same position with the same wires. You can find replacement motors for every brand at centralvacuumdirect.com under the motors section.

PC Board:
The central vacuum PC Board and relay are now combined into a single unit. This part is essential to the control of the central vacuum, and provides the “computer” to the system. Typically this part does not go bad unless there is a surge in electricity. You can find replacement units for the PC Board at centralvacuumdirect.com in the parts section.

Power Head Parts:
Central vacuum power head parts are the hardest to find, as no dealer has put up an extensive breakout of every single piece. The power head is what grooms the carpet and provides most of the agitation for deep cleaning of dust and dirt. Parts that are susceptible to wear and tear include the brush roll, belt, and light bulbs in the unit. You can find all these replacements on our retail website.

Hose Parts:

Central Vacuum hose parts are also hard to come by. The hose is what connects to the inlet valve of the whole house vacuum. Central vacuum hoses can break due to the stress they are put under on a daily basis. A person who cleans drags the hose around corners and throughout the home, leading to wear and tear. Typical repairs on hoses include switch replacement, hose handle replacement, and others. Unfortunately if there is a short within the hose itself, it cannot be repaired. At this point you need to replace it with an updated more durable hose. You can find quality replacement hoses for all brands of central vacuums at our retail website centralvacuumdirect.com

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