Central Vacuum Accessories

The tools and central vacuum accessories that are available to homeowners help increase cleaning efficiency, leaving you with more time to do what you like best. Manufacturers have been very creative the last couple years and have invented a lot of attachments that are making your central vacuum more accessible. Products such as the vroom and wally vac from cyclovac offer the homeowner the ability to use an on the spot central vacuum hose. This hose is stored within a cabinet or conveniently placed on the wall with stylish design. Most of these new products are being installed in laundry rooms and kitchens, where regular messes may occur.

Other central vacuum accessories that are more common are constantly being improved. The common upholstery brush was recently updated with an electrostatic pad. This pad creates static electricity that attracts pet hair and other dust particles. The crevice tool has been revamped in order to improve its usability in other areas of the home. They have been redesigned with a flatter edge to clean under the fridge and other appliances, and have been molded in a flexible rubber which allows you to use it to clean dust and lint out of dryer vents.

A recent advancement in accessories has been the invention of the hand vac attachment. This mini electric power brush can fit on the end of any universal central vacuum hose and uses an electric motor. The brush roll, powered by this electric motor has enough agitation to properly clean stairs and other odd shaped carpeted areas.

If you are looking for any central vacuum accessories, you can find the largest online selection at centralvacuumdirect.com. You can browse with ease through the 2000+ products offered for your system. Thanks for reading, – The Central Vac Guys

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